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DC’s LEDs’ is a subdivision of Washington Enterprise. It is made up of a team of professional experts that have been in the business of electronic software and hardware. The new focus of the group is to apply the lightweight, durable, low power consumption features of LED lights to create various products that can help save lives, provide greater convenience and generate fun.

Utilizing smaller and flatter LEDs, the company originally decided to develop, for the entertainment business, a solid-state remote control board coupled to LEDs in and on various products musicians and singers use. Such as guitar and saxophone straps, and microphone stands. These allow musicians and singers to enhance their performance and audience excitement.

As we’ve continued to explore other uses of LEDs, we developed additional safety features in Lighted Safety Vests and Pet Harnesses, lighted clothing items and automotive accessories.

DC’s LEDs’ promises to continue to bring you the best LED experience in ever more products as we explore future possibilities.